Mailbox Rentals

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Our mailbox rental services include these amenities:

A real street address – not a PO BOX.
Weather you use your mail box for business or personal reasons, a real street address gives you a more professional image.

Package acceptance from any courier.
Someone is always here to sign for your packages regardless of the delivery service – UPS, FedEx, DHL, US Mail, or a private courier service. There is no need for you to wait around for a delivery.

Secure, 24 hour access to your mailbox.
You have access to your mailbox 24/7 so you can collect your mail on your schedule whenever it is most convenient for you.

Call in service and package notification.
No need to waste a trip. We notify you if you receive a next day or two day delivery, and you can call us to check your mailbox for you.

Mail hold and forward.
There is no need to notify us if you are unable to collect your mail. We will hold it safely and securely for you. We also offer mail forwarding services by request if you will be away for extended periods of time.